I write stuff

I wrote a book, which you can find here. The sequel comes out in a year. In the meantime, you can pre-order this collection of essays. Cool!

I also write internet things:

Like about the time I sent a man to prison for seven-to-ten years

Or the time I stabbed a feral hog monster to death and took its head

Or about the time my mom was accused of child molestation (my mug shot, an important document related to the essay, can be found here)

Or the time I tried to be a sex worker 

Or the time heroin ruined something really special 

Or the time I tattooed my friend’s name on my head

You can find more of my writing on Elle, Vice, Nerve, Hazlitt, Adult, Swimmingly, Medium, The Hairpin, The Huffington Post, Smokelong Quarterly, The Harvard Advocate, and The Harvard Crimson.

A lot of my fiction can be read on Wattpad

And if you’re still reading this, here are some of my favorite blog posts I’ve written. (You could scroll through the blog and find them, but they’re buried under like, ten zillion photos of Winona Ryder.)

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