I write stuff

I wrote a book, which you can find here. The sequel comes out in a year. In the meantime, you can pre-order this collection of essays. Cool!

I also write internet things:

Adult Magazine

"All The Times I Lost My Virginity"


"Desperately Seeking Psychics"

"From Prey to Predator: In the aftermath of rape (Reprinted from Hazlitt)”

The Guardian

"Am I being catfished? An author confronts her number one online critic"

"From prey to predator: how I got justice (Reprinted from Hazlitt)”

The Hairpin

"How to Change Your Name in 41 Easy Steps"

"Dress Your Family in Your Lover’s Shoes

"My Recent Life According to My Yelp.com Reviews




"What Happens When a Girl You Barely Know Accuses Your Mom of Child Molestation

"No Petting Zoo: A New York City Safari"

"You Are Here: Reflections on New York City hazing, with teenagers in tow

"Sugar Baby, Don’t Cry"

"Hey Girl, Do You Want a Hug?

"Letter to a Very Sexually Active Teenager

"Profiles in Courage: Max the Tech Stud

And many more, here.


"How Peeking into Boys’ Basketball Shorts Ignited My Desire"

"A Young Adult Author’s Fantastic Crusade to Defend Literature’s Most Maligned Genre

The Rumpus

"The Universe Game" (a short story about madness, and being twelve.)


"I Met My Straight Fiancé in a Gay and Lesbian Studies Class"

TIME Magazine

"We Three Queens"


"I Hunted Feral Hogs in Florida as a Favor to the World

"Your Exotic Pet Doesn’t Love You

"What Wisconsin’s Teenagers Think of the Slender Man Stabbings

Some of my fiction can also be read on Wattpad

And if you’re still reading this, here are some of my favorite blog posts I’ve written. (You could scroll through the blog and find them, but they’re buried under like, ten zillion photos of Winona Ryder.)

Swear on the Bible

Breasts and Guts

Teen Gang

Bone Insurance

Hold Onto Your Butts

Beasts of Burden

Valentine’s Day Retrospective

Weird Scenes From the Trip I Took To Research My Second Novel

Bleeding Hearts